Inspiration Day on 20th Feb 2020 is full of exciting lectures and workshops but also adventure!

The schedule is below.





Openly about mental health — Katri-Helena Allas, Merle Purre and Liisa Rajamets. Panel discussion (ENG)

RajametsPurreAllasMental health and the unbalanced state of it is a topic of interest and a personal experience that Katri-Helena, Merle and Liisa share. Together they have been visiting lecturers to many students of different ages. They talk about mental health in general but they also share their own very personal stories about anxiety and depression during studies and also how to spare yourself from the worst to happen.



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Sirje Tammiste — What can you do as a student to be more successful in your career?

Sirje TammisteSirje Tammiste has over 20 years of experience finding the right personnel for companies. Every task starts with the question — who are they really looking for? What is important in addition to education? The important questions like "why this job"? Who do I want to be? Why is it easier for some and harder for others to find a job and what can you do as a student to be more successful in your career? These are the topics in discussion.


Head organiser of Intsikurmu Festival Mihkel Kübar — The peaks and valleys of organising a festival

Mihkel KübarMihkel joined the Intsikurmu team in 2013 and has been the head organiser of this fastest growing festival since 2014. Mihkel is always open to new ideas — there are no bad ones, there are only possibilities.


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Kristo Veinberg — How University of Tartu "ruined me"?

Kristo VeinbergKristo Veinberg — a director, actor, camera operator, teacher, director of happenings, but mostly a man who works to change the world into a better place. Starting with his studies at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy he had no clue what will become of him after graduating. Surprisingly everything that he has learned has turned into valuable currency in his career. "How University of Tartu "ruined me"?" is a story about Kriso's life and experiences during and after his studies.


Riin Ahlberg — Utilizing language skills / Possibilities for philologists (ENG)

Riin AhlbergRiin travels to live. With an MA in English Language and Literature and the CELTA certificate Riin has been able to travel the world and experience living in various cultures first-hand. After graduating she took on the challenge of teaching English to South Korean children as a volunteer teacher and has never looked back. In the course of 10 years, she has taught at language schools in China, Poland, Slovakia, and Vietnam. In between those experiences she has also been a judge at an English Olympics event, taught intensive summer programmes in the UK, and explored Costa Rica while volunteering as an English teacher for a government programme.


Kärt Anton — The everyday life of a musician

Kärt AntonKärt Anton is a 25 year old musician and musical actress, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy alumnus. Music has been a life long friend but it was only three years ago when she started to make a living with music. Head and side roles in musicals, films, revue, musical shows and making music on different stages is her everyday life. For broader Estonian audience she became known when participating in the Estonian version of the TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

How to survive in Estonia as a musician; the pros and cons of being an entertainer. Of that and much more by Kärt Anton.


Karmen Joller — Values that keep you going

Karmen JollerKarmen Joller is a general physician at Kivimäe Perearstikeskus, Doctor of the Year 2017, a member of multiple unions and a well known representative of doctors in media. During her presentation she will talk about what has influenced and shaped her, why is she where she is today.





Kati Voomets — How to make your money work for you (even while you sleep) (ENG)

VoometsKati Voomets has been working in Swedbank for over 8 years. As Head of Institute of Finances at Swedbank she has a good overview of people's financial behavior. She will share her learnings with you about how to nudge yourself to build better financial habits and how to save and invest your money. She is also master student in the University of Tartu (in the Institute of Social Studies).


ÜKSA Student Foundation — How to be more than just a student? (ENG)

ÜKSA-logoHave you thought about not rushing to work and do more as a student? There are various options in Tartu and Estonia to volunteer and give your input to something bigger, gain practical skills and find awsome frineds. There are nearly 70 different student organisations in Tartu alone. Take part of our workshop and find out all the possibilities for volunteer work and how to find the right organisation to bring out the best in you.

Workshop will be held by Joanna Kurvits from ÜKSA — the student foundation that guides the movement of OleRohkem. and helps other student organisations to grow.


TÜ Rohuteaduste Selts — Natural remedies for stress

TÜRSTartu Ülikooli Rohuteaduse Selts (TÜRS) is an organisation with themissionto unite all pharmacy students into a community, widen the spectrum of knowledge among studentsand raise awareness of medicines in society

TÜRS will introduce herbal remedies to fightstress. Everyone could use the knowledge of natural and safe methods for dealing with seasonal depression.


Eesti Füüsikaüliõpilaste Selts — What has education in natural sciences given me? (ENG)

FÜSEesti Füüsikaüliõpilaste Selts (FÜS) is an organisation uniting and representing all students in Estonia stuying physics or related siences. Their goal is toorganise educational events, popularise studies of physics and natural sciences, improve studies of physics and the assotiation between students, professors and faculties.

Our guests will share their experience and talk about their journey to where they are now. In this success story, though with inevitabledifficulties, they willtalk about the role of education, be it physics, chemistry or material science.





Workshop for journalists I — Clear message

PalgiGreete Palgi is a Delfi journalist and University of Tartu alumnus. With first hand experiance working for a large media concernshe will talk about how to write for everyone to understand and how to motivate one's self under time pressure.


Workshop for journalists II — Clear message

PalgiGreete Palgi is a Delfi journalist and University of Tartu alumnus. With first hand experiance working for a large media concernshe will talk about how to write for everyone to understand and how to motivate one's self under time pressure.



startupThe University of Tartu sTARTUp Lab (former IdeaLab) is a subunit of the School of Economics and Business Administration. It provides hands-on entrepreneurship education and pre-incubation services for all Tartu students across disciplines and early-stage students start-up teams.

In this workshop you will find out what it takes to become a startup founder, how does the university help you and also hear the success story of CommuniCare. CommuniCare started its journey with the help of sTARTUp Lab. It is the STARTER-team of the year 2019 and is currently in the TOP 10 of the Estonian version of Dragons Den — Ajujaht.



Communication in both Estonian and English



SaluveerHaljasmäeErasmus+ helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organisations in different countries. It enhances skills and intercultural awareness and helps people become engaged citizens. Jaanika Haljasmäe will give you tips about how to effectively plan your studying abroad and Piret Saluveer will tell you how to apply for scholarships.


AEGEE — Key to Europe

AEGEEAEGEE aka European Students’ Forum is a pan-European association present in almost 160 cities. We have been active in Tartu for 25 years now and we are keen on providing young people with opportunities for self-development as well as bringing Europe closer to their hearts. One thing is sure – once you join AEGEE, boredom will not bother you! We organise thematic events weekly and at least two international projects per year. As a member, you can gain some practical experience in different fields such as event-management, PR, HR or fundraising. Not to mention, there are countless opportunities to join events abroad and discover Europe in a budget-friendly manner.


Triin Vakker — All about scholarships

VakkerUT Foundation offers scholarships for students and young scientists of University of Tartu. Each year they fund studies and scientific research in Estonia and abroad with nearly €200,000. Triin Vakker — UT Foundation member of the Management Board — will tell you all you need to know about scholarships.


ÜKSA Student Foundation — How to be more than just a student?

ÜKSA-logoÜKSA Student Foundation does its best to make Tartu the most developing environment for students. To do so, they promote and help student organisations to expand. ÜKSA steers the OLE ROHKEM. brand, the cooperation between student organisations and organises OLE ROHKEM. events — trainings and seminars for the development of student organisations. They help students be more than just a student and find the right and most efficient organisation for personal development.


Triinu Sirge — Ergonomics of learning

Triinu SirgeDo you think about what your body does while you study? When you use your laptop? Why do we choose shoes according to our size but don't think twice when choosinga mouse for the computer? Triinu Sirge know the answers to all of these questions and makes us understand too.


The Estonian Medical Students’ Association

EAÜSThe Estonian Medical Students’ Association is an organisation for Estonian medical students that aims to raise the professional level of our future doctors to new hights. Together theycreate new ways for comprehensive development and self-realization of medical students to become even better doctors for both patients and society. The keen members will also take care of Inpiration Day visitors by measuring their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterole. You will know whether it is time to visit your GP and pay more attention to your health.

NB! Measuring is limited thus on a first come, first serve basis.


The Society of International Relations

RSRSociety of International Relations (in Estonian Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ring – RSR) is an organisation in Tartu uniting students from different faculties interested in international relations. RSR organizes lectures and radio broadcasts dealing with a different international topic every week. Once a year, RSR chooses the best writer on foreign policy in Estonian media and awards the author a prize. About once a month, the members of the RSR also write articles on foreign affairs for the Estonian newspaper Müürileht. What is more, RSR’s quiz on international relations is held every autumn and spring as part of the student days at the University of Tartu. At least once a semester, a field trip abroad is organized where institutions dealing with foreign affairs are visited. Our guests-lecturers include politicians, civil servants, researchers/scholars, businessmen and other people active in international relations. Our alumni include several prominent figures who also visit our lectures from time to time.



University of Tartu Student Council

TYYEUniversity of Tartu Student Council makes changes that actually matter to students and encourage Inspiration Day attendants to join them! Why? Firstly because of the amazing, supporting and inspiring team. Secondly — you can actually get things done! Student Councils achievements include water taps in institutions, a €2,500 student loan per year and many more. If you want to make something run better at the university you can! Not only CEOs have the power to improve studying environment and stand up for students' rights.


Dora+ & Kristjan Jaak — scholarships for MA and PhD students for studying abroad

archimedesKristjan Jaak scholarship are given in three categories: degree studies abroad, study period abroad and short time visits. Dora+ scholarship encompasses four actions: study and research-related outgoing mobility, study and research-related incoming mobility, organisation of summer and winter schools and marketing of study and employment opportunities in Estonia. We share information about different opportunities and give advice.



futulabENGAre you looking for an internship? Do you want new experiences and exciting challenges? Go to, named Futulab – it’s a place where you can find an internship, projects, leadership program, and free seminars. Join Futulab, because the future starts from You!